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     September 2014 - Q’ligent Media Quality Analysis

At the IBC show in September, Q’ligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level monitoring, demonstrated how its software-defined Vision solution extends the reach of media quality analysis for linear TV, while minimising costs and infrastructure due to its lightweight intelligent architecture.

Using the broad reach of Q’ligent Vision, broadcasters and network operators can improve quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) for consumers through comprehensive media analysis, with insight into signal integrity and performance up to the point where signals reach consumers. The result is a full understanding of the TV viewing experience for over-the-air, cable, satellite, and IPTV delivery, without the costs or complexity associated with bandwidth-heavy backhaul and platform-specific monitoring.

“Broadcasters and network operators are spread increasingly thin as they manage an exponentially growing number of headends and delivery platforms,” said Ted Korte COO of Q’ligent. “They simply do not have enough resources to allocate across divergent systems, and need to get to the root of system issues faster. We’re giving our customers an intuitive and limitless service that centralises all critical media quality analysis of their channel distribution, across multiple delivery platforms, onto a single user interface.”

Q’ligent Vision is one of four components that create the company’s complete monitoring portfolio. Infinitely scalable, Vision is specifically used to capture, collect and analyse quality parameters for linear TV delivery, including over-the-air, cable, satellite, IPTV and OTT platforms.

Q’ligent Vision’s cloud-based software allows users to centrally visualise information collected over IP from a series of low-cost, compact, software-defined probes. The Q’ligent Vision probes, which replace traditional, expensive components and point-based solutions, can be deployed anywhere across a network or delivery architecture of any scope or size, without geographical limitations. Users can monitor and collect information from multiple transport streams and signal paths, to intelligently test, measure, troubleshoot and verify signal integrity.

Q’ligent Vision’s intelligent architecture extends beyond centralised monitoring of current performance to predictive analytics and performance trends over time, helping users to recognise potential issues that could affect signal integrity and the consumer experience before they happen. This capability, along with quicker response times and problem resolution, helps broadcasters and network operators minimise financial losses and increase viewer satisfaction.

Customers can gradually transition to Q’ligent Vision’s cloud-based monitoring approach. Q’ligent’s global footprint enables users to quickly tap into the general monitoring service for a network or region, and strategically add probes to fill in additional data points as needs change, networks grow and new challenges arise.