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26th December 2015 - Q’ligent Wins Zworykin Award at NAT Expo for

     “Most innovative or modernised equipment or technology"

Prestigious broadcast organisation recognises groundbreaking innovation of Turnkey SaaS with cloud-enabled, virtually deployed monitoring platform for RT’s OTT services.

Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis, received one of four broadcast awards at the recent NatExpo conference in Russia, taking the prize for Most Innovative or Modernised Equipment or Technology in the area of broadcast TV. Qligent’s achievement with Russian broadcaster RT was the basis for the award, comprising a large-scale QoS and QoE OTT monitoring system—virtually deployed by systems integrator Tecom Group—in major cities across the United States, UK, Spain, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

The Zworykin Awards are similar to the esteemed IBC Innovation Awards, recognising how technology is applied in the real world to benefit broadcasters. With support from Russia’ Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, NatExpo’s recognition of the RT deployment alludes to the continued maturity of cloud technologies in TV systems as broadcasters gradually transition their plants from legacy to more IT-centric architectures.

The turnkey software-as-a-service (SaaS), featuring Qligent’s Vision cloud monitoring platform, simplifies the capture, collection and analysis of QoS and QoE parameters, the latter of which determines the end viewer experience. As Vision is cloud-enabled and allows proactive control over service quality, it is possible to carry out distributed monitoring in locations worldwide without the need to deploy a complicated network of probes—a benefit for monitoring OTT services that technically have few geographical limitations.

The Tecom Group’s virtual deployment of the entire monitoring infrastructure was a key element of the project, leveraging commercially available IT equipment to support a highly efficient, centralised monitoring strategy using the Vision software. Tecom Group’s strategy eliminates all systems integration and ongoing maintenance of the network infrastructure, which is remotely hosted, maintained and scaled by Tecom Group.

“The recognition of the RT deployment, which ensures a high-quality OTT experience for millions of viewers worldwide, suggests that broadcasters are increasingly looking to new cloud-enabled systems and technology innovations that simplify operations, extend reach and reduce costs based on an OPEX business model,” said Ted Korte, COO, Qligent. “Our Vision platform is specifically built to help broadcasters like RT achieve these goals now and moving forward.”