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15th September 2015 - GatesAir Intraplex IP Link 100p, introduced at IBC 2015

The IP Link 100p adds a front panel control and display to the popular IP Link 100 single duplex channel version. With the internal GPS receiver option and clock reference features required for SynchroCast also added, the IPL-100p can support programme distribution for single frequency FM broadcast networks.

The UK Office attended IBC 2015, where GatesAir introduced a new model in the Intraplex IP Link audio codec family.

Intraplex IP Link 100p

The Intraplex® IP Link family of IP audio codecs provides high-end features at an affordable price. Offering an array of audio coding options, the IP Link codecs are suitable for use in Studio to Transmitter Links (STLs) as well as audio contribution and distribution networks. Support for IP multicast and multiple unicast streams enables one encoder to feed multiple decoders.

IP Link systems can provide a level of reliability not seen in comparably-priced codecs. As the latest addition to the Intraplex family of audio transport products, the IP Link audio codecs bring legendary Intraplex reliability to the IP codec market.