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               July 2014 - Media Links World Cup 2014

Media Global Links, the market leader in broadcast and network transport over IP solutions, announced that its MD8000 Video over IP transmission technology was implemented as the high quality transport technology platform for the 2014 World Cup event.

A total of 24,400 minutes, approximately 406 hours of television transmissions were managed under demanding conditions throughout the games. The Media Links solutions provided 100% uptime and zero packet loss of all TV signals. This extraordinary task was due to a combination of Media Link’s advanced technology, an experienced Media Links support team and customer technical team, as well as the expertise of system integrators, VIDI, a long-time Media Links partner.

The Soccer World Cup 2014 was played and broadcast across the global June 12 to July 13 in 2014, and is easily the single largest sporting event in the world.

The Media Links MD8000 video over IP media transport solutions and Network Management System (NMS) were installed and deployed over the entire network, connecting all 12 match locations, as well as the International Broadcast Centre (IBC). The advanced capabilities and carrier-grade quality of the MD8000 provided video over IP transmission in an efficient, seamless, and highly reliable way between each stadium and the International Broadcast Centre. Due to the technological innovation that the MD8000 incorporates, as well as the ability to completely utilise all available bandwidth, media connectivity was maximised over the entire TV contribution network.

The complex network topology along with the hitless switching technology that the MD8000 features ensured zero loss of content during the event. The IBC also reported 100% uptime, a phenomenal achievement, proving the reliability, stability, and robustness of the MD8000 solution.

The systems were designed with full redundancy for transmitting the video and data content over local Telco networks and over great distances. Each link provided two routes, designed with full redundancy and a capacity of up to 3 x 10 GBit/s; enough to transfer multilateral HD signals and countless unilateral feeds.

Media Links partner and systems integrator, VIDI Gmbh was selected to supply and support the technology, offering 24/7 support in multiple languages for multiple locations, and due to its extensive preparations came fully equipped to handle the task at hand. The Media Links and VIDI team have many years of experience with these types of extensive projects and have been chosen by network providers and broadcasters time and time again, for their technology solutions and support.

John Dale, Chief Marketing Officer, Media Global Links, commented: “Network operations and broadcasters greatly benefit from the advanced capabilities that our solutions provide for Video over IP transmission. It’s a tremendous vote of confidence that the Media Links solutions are chosen for the most watched sporting events in the world, including the World Cup, as well as the Olympics. Our team’s expertise in Video over IP as well as our past and current successes with global sporting events, are all key factors for why we are selected time and time again.”